Monday, January 2, 2012

Tiananmen Square 1989

I think there are those images from history that speak to you.  This is one of those pictures caught on camera.  China's young people were protesting in Tiananmen Square and the government was not happy.  So they sent in the military and tanks to put down the protest.  This one man refused to move.  Just think about that!  A tank is coming forward and it is not stopping.  Would you have the courage to do that?  Do you believe in anything strong enough that you would risk your life?  Every time I see this image - I ask myself those questions.  I hope I would be that brave, but you never know.  On a happy note this man did not die.  His friends ran out, and physically removed him before the tanks could get him.  But we will never know his name.  We will never know this courageous man who did this act!  Power of one is incredible!

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