Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why You Shouldn't Stay Silent

The video below is from the Oprah Show in 1996 when the Little Rock Nine did a reunion.  The Little Rock Nine were nine black students who were chosen to integrate Central High School in Little Rock, Ark.  When they arrived at school that first day they were confronted by an angry white crowd who didn't want their school integrated.  They also found the National Guard there not to protect them against the angry crowd, but to prevent them from coming.

President Eisenhower did an amazing thing.  He said on national television that Arkansa must follow the Supreme Court and their decisions so he sent the 101st Airborne to be the personal escort for the Little Rock Nine. 

I love how Oprah analyses this event, and the questions she asks.  There are two things that stood out to me.  The first is staying silent.  You see this throughout history.  Horrific things happen and people stay silent.  They don't speak out against the evil that is happening.  I hope I would have the courage to speak up!

The second is honoring those who came before you.  For Oprah the Little Rock Nine was one of those groups that made a bridge for her.  That is such a great thing to ponder?  Who made waves for me?  Enjoy the video!

The 101st Airborne escorting the Little Rock Nine. 

Such an iconic American photo.  One of the Little Rock Nine walking to school while being confronted by the angry white crowd.

A journalist was curious about these two girls.  One black and one white, and wanted to know their stories.  Go beyond the picture!

Elizabeth and Hazel today in front of Central High School in Little Rock, Ark.

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