Friday, February 3, 2012

Mr, President

Today the coolest thing happened!  A student in my first hour suggested a song and video for me to watch.  She suggested it after looking at the blog, and it totally fits my blog.  The song is called "Mr. President" by Janelle Monae.  She is in her early, mid 20s, and wrote this song to the president after he got elected.  It is her letter to the President.

What she says and ask is powerful!  It reminded me of something I do in US Government when talking about the Executive Branch.  It deals with the idea of expectation.  What do we expect in our president?  There are constitutional requirements, but there are unsaid expectation.  We look at age, education, and morality.  Americans also have big ideas about what the president should do, and make a priority in their administration.  It is always fun to hear what high school students think!

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