Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Sinking of the Titantic

It was April 12th when the Titantic hit the fateful iceberg, and sank.  Such a sad moment, and what makes it so sad was the fact that there were not enough life boats.  They thought they took up to much space on deck!  So the people who got off were the first class, women, and children.  Most of the third class in steerage died.  So sad!  We are still enthralled with the Titantic today.  A while ago James Cameron made the movie Titantic.  The story was made up for Hollywood, but it speaks to our hearts!  The nickname for the Titantic was "Unsinkable."  Such a great irony.

Titantic By Numbers - great website with interesting stats!

Titantic Sinking

Titantic now under the ocean

Trailer for Titantic.  Just released in 3D.

My Heart Will Go On Video

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  1. Cant wait to see titanic in 3-d! What a classic movie!