Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fight For Your Greatness

BTW Graduation

Last night I went to Booker T.'s Graduation.  I always love graduation because it such a moment for the students!  They have worked so hard for this moment, and it is an honor to be there with them and celebrate such a milestone.  I had a lot of the Class of 2012 as freshman and sophomores - so it was so neat to see them in this moment.  I was also chosen to walk a group of graduates in, and I had the best line!  I had almost everyone in my line in class!  So it was so much fun, and I had Mr. Hornet!

It was a beautiful ceremony and I wanted to share what the Speaker said!  He talked about the graduate's new begining, and following their dreams.  At one point he quoted the BTW Fight Song when it says "Fight for Booker T...."  He challenged the graduatess to fight for their greatness!  I loved that!  Fight for your greatness!  He reminded the students doesn't matter who you are a National Merit Finalist or just a student - greatness lives in all of us!  I think we all need to be reminded of that!  Then he told them to dream BIG, and follow their dreams! It was so inspirational!

Then I thought about the Class of 2015 and your graduation day!  And it will be here before you know it - I promise!  I counted in the yearbook, and I had 80% of the class in my class this year!  I will be so happy for you guys when you graduate, and yes I will probally cry!  I found my self thinking about the Class of 2015 walking across the stage, and I just smiled!  Enjoy every moment at the Hive because it goes fast!

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