Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Presidential Bloopers

In government right now we are covering the Executive Branch.  I always like to show the human side of the President.  Sometimes we put the President on a pedal stool, and forget that he is a father, son, and husband.  So to show that human side, I show Presidential Bloopers.  I don't know why,  but you laugh when someone falls, or says something silly.  I guess it makes it even more funny when it is the President!

I love this video because President Bush was not my favorite president.  But this video shows a personal side to him, and you see what a Great Dad he is.  He loves his daughter so much, and it is fun to watch!  This video made me love President Bush!


  1. These bloopers are very funny! My favorite was Ronald Reagans.

    -Joseph Charney

  2. I agree. George Bush was not the best president!