Sunday, October 7, 2012


In my World History classes, we just finished studying Ancient Egypt.  The aspect of Ancient Egypt that seems to capture the world is mummies and the pyramids.  All of this involves their idea of the afterlife.  Mummification helped with the process.  They believed that when they died they took all of their belongings with them, and they went as they looked when they died.  Mummification preserved their body, and the pyramids held all of their belongings.  In the tombs of Pharaohs they have found clothes, jewelry, boats, food, pottery, dinner ware, and etc.

So in class we made a mommy and Sargophagus (the case that held the mummy).

The materials needed to make the mummy.  The bowl is a glue water to wrap your mummy.

Wrapping the mummy

Decorating the Sargophagus:

Finished Mummies:

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