Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Aspect of US Citizenship

Last week we discussed Citizenship so for their Bell Ringer on Friday I asked them what is the most important aspect of being a US Citizen?  Here are the top responses:

1. Voting
It is our duty as a US Citizen to vote!  There are people all around the world who would love to choose there political leaders.  Plus Women and Minorities have fought so hard for the right to vote.  We definitely take it for granted!  Here is a great movie about Women's fight to vote!


2. Paying Your Taxes and Following The Law

That is how a government makes money - taxes!  Even though we all would love to not pay taxes we have to!  Our taxes pay for services and defense.
3. Giving Back To Your Community
I love that almost every student said this!  It warms my heart!  One student said it best by explaining he wants a society that helps each other instead of everyone being selfish!  I always say if you are blessed in your life - you need to share your blessing!  Give Back - Volunteer!
4.  Know Your Rights And Government - Participate!
Angelina Jolie believes so much that you need to know your rights - she tattooed it on her neck!
To become a US Citizen you have to take a test!  You have to know about our government.  It is things everyone should know!

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