Friday, April 19, 2013

Be Thankful For Your Rights!!!

This week in most of my classes there has been an interesting conversation about rights and freedoms.  The consensus is Americans take those rights for granted, and do not fully appreciate them as we should.  I really wanted to know how could young people especially appreciate our rights more?  I asked the students that question and they all said if they had to fight for them, or if their rights were infringed on somehow.
That is the thing most forget - we have our rights and freedoms because someone fought for them.  They gave sweat, blood, and tears to guarantee those rights.  We do not have to fight for our rights - they are given to us!  We need to appreciate them!
Also we should want every group to have their rights because if their rights are being denied - what says yours will be too?  We are not free till we are all free!  Be thankful for your rights and freedoms!  People have died so you can have them!
A great documentary about the Civil Rights Movement!  If you haven't seen this - Run!!!  You MUST watch it!  You will be thankful for the rights you have!

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