Thursday, May 23, 2013


Tonight is BTW;s Graduation.  This is one of my favorite events of the year because this is what we work for all year.  As a teacher it is so exciting because you get to see the students you have worked with for four years walk across the stage and graduate!
This is the reason why students work so hard.  This moment makes it all worth it!  When you write that 5 page paper or pull an all nighter studying for a test.  This is the moment you need to imagine when things get tough.  It is worth it!  Making GOOD grades and putting in the hard work get you to this moment.
If you can make it tonight you should!  This will be you before you know it!  High School goes by so fast!  Enjoy every moment!  It's at ORU Maybee Center at 8.
I love this tradition at BTW!  When the ceremony is over the teachers line the way and the students walk through us, and we get to cheer them on and hug them!  I love it!

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