Saturday, November 2, 2013

Principles of the ConstitutionThi

This week in US Government we discussed the principles of the US Constitution.  I want my students to know the Constitution.  What it says and explains.  Our constitution says what our Government can and cannot do.  It is so important to know this and know our rights!  Angelina Jolie has tattooed on her neck - "Know Your Rights."  This is why US Government as a class is so important!  We have to know our Rights!

The principles we discuss are:
  1. Popular Sovereignty
  2. Separation of Powers
  3. Checks and Balances
  4. Judaical Review
  5. Limited Government

Popular Sovereignty is the Rule of People!  That is what a Democracy is all about!  "We the People."  The people hold the power, and we use that power by participating in our Government!  We do that by voting, and paying attention!  We need to know who are politicians are, and what they believe! 

This principle was brought to life by Abraham Lincoln and his Gettysburg Address.  When he said "....a government of the people, by the people, and for the people."  Here is the speech:

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