Monday, March 17, 2014

School Spirit

Last night I went to TU to watch the NCAA Selection Show with the TU team, and 500 fans!  If you know me I'm not the biggest sports fan.  I love going to BTW games because I know the players.  But college and professional sports I don't know the players.  Well my Dad loves TU sports, and he has gotten season passes to football and basketball games for over 30 years!

To say my Dad was excited about TU going to the NCAA Tournament would be an under statement!  So I went with him to the selection show.  It was so much fun!

The spirit and enthusiasm in that room was electrifying!  So much it brought me to tears!  In the end it reminded me of BTW!  BTW has that kind of spirit everyday!  This year the first pep rally brought me to tears! BTW is so special, and I am so thankful I work there everyday!

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