Saturday, December 6, 2014

Good Night and Good Luck

A great historical movie is Good Night and Good Luck.  This movie will not disappoint!  I showed my government classes the trailer for this movie last week.  We are discussing the Legislative Branch and congressional committees.  This is a true story and shows how a senator can get power hungry and dangerous.
In the 1950s - the decade after WW!! - Senator Joseph McCarthy went on a witch hunt for all Communist in America.  Americans were terrified Communists would infiltrate and ruin America.  McCarthy capitalized on that fear, and created true hysteria in this country.
Edward R Murrow had the courage to stand up to McCarthy, and expose him for what he was.  He helped wake up America, and stop McCarthy.  In 2005 they made an excellent movie about Murrow, and his brave act!  The movie has an outstanding cast, and captured the mood of the 1950s.  It was filmed in black and white!  It is FANTASTIC! 

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