Friday, January 23, 2015

The Imitation Game

A fantastic movie to see that shows us an important moment in time that forever changed the world is Imitation Game!  This movie will inspire you!  During WWII the Allied Powers could not break the Nazi code.  They tried for two years until Alan Turing showed up!
Dr. Turing was difficult to work with, and unconventional.  But his methods worked!  They broke the code!  This forever changed the direction of the War.  They say it saved 14 million lives, and shorten the war by 2 years.  It is an incredible story, and unbelievable!  You will not believe it is TRUE!
Enigma machine
The saddest part, and became the most difficult part once they broke the code was they could not warn every town from Nazi Attack.  If they showed they knew that would tell the Nazi's they broke their code.  They had to pick and choose the moments they warned.  It was very hard, but allowed them to keep secret they broke the Nazi Code.
 What is truly amazing is the technology that Dr. Turing created led to the computer!  He has impacted the world, and our personal lives!  The movie was so well done!  It will not disappoint!

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