Sunday, February 8, 2015

Racisism Today

This weekend my parents wanted to know if Selma was good?  I just looked at them in disbelief, and asked is it good?  I declared of course!  I truly believe every American should see this film!!!!  I  saw my parents after the film, and they were so impressed!  My Mom was puddle - sobbing!  She got out, "I knew it was bad, but I had no idea how bad!"  Then we got into a great discussion, and I loved what my Mom said.  She said prejudice is a cancer eating at humanity.  I thought that was so powerful because we have not gotten the lesson! 
Prejudice still exists!  Minorities, Blacks, Handicapped, Gays, and so many more!  It just makes me so sad to see!  And if I witness prejudice I will speak up against it!  I wish we had a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today!  Our country has been missing a voice for a long time!  We need a single person to motivate and inspire us!
I cannot help but look at events like Ferguson and Treyvon Martin, and be sad!  They are horrible reminders that our country still has a long way to go in 2015.  Often I get so discouraged!  I feel so helpless!  Then I saw the interview below, and I found hope!  Remember this boy's name!  He is going to be someone BIG someday!  He went to a city counsel meeting and was so articulate about what is happening in Ferguson, MO!  It was scary, and he is only 11!

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