Friday, June 12, 2015

Historical Thinking Skills

College Board has restructured AP US History.  It is now based on historical thinking skills.  College Board knows your phone can tell you anything.  So they do not want you to memorize dates and retell them - they want you to think like a historian!  College Board wants you to be able to talk about and analyze historical events.  Here is a list of the historical thinking skills you will be expected to know:

1. Chronological Reasoning
a. Historical Causation - cause and effect
b. Patterns of Continuity and Change over Time - Things that stay the same and change
2. Comparison and Contextualization
a. Comparison
b. Contextualization - Find the context (things like Age and Class play a role)
3. Crafting Historical Arguments from Historical Evidence _ All Essays are this!
a. Historical Argumentation
b. Appropriate Use of Historical Evidence - Look at Minority History, and look at features of Evidence: audience, point of view, and purpose
4. Historical Interpretation
a. Interpretation - Interpreting primary and secondary sources

One thing we will do to help with contextual ion is CORNPEG and PERSIA.  With documents and event you will CORNPEG or PERSIA it! 
C - Class                          P - Political
O - Occupation                                     E - Economy
R - Religion                          R - Religion
N - Nationality                                  S - Social
P - Political Affiliation                                    I - Intellectual/Arts
E - Ethnicity                    A - Area/Geography
G - Gender Roles                                              

All of these are elements of Point Of View (POV).  And it will also help you see the significance.

Here is a great website that checks out Historical Thinking Skills.  Check it out!

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