Friday, July 31, 2015

APUSH Rubrics have changed

The AP training in Austin, TX was incredible, and so inspiring!  These are all the people I went with above!  I adore all these teachers!  We got one afternoon when we just sat in a circle and shared great teaching ideas!  And we got to go with our new assistant principal Mr. Sykes!  He is awesome I cannot wait to see what he does!

The Conference was opened by the president and CEO of College Board!  In that moment I knew this was legit!  Our key note speaker was Sir Ken Robinson!  I was so excited!  I just smiled the whole time!  I could not believe I was listening to him speak!  He is most known for his TED Talk, and it is posted below!

This trip was such an amazing experience!  I had the unbelievable opportunity to meet the Chief Reader for the  APUSH exam!  I got to ask questions!  One thing he mentioned is the rubrics are changing.  They were released yesterday, and here they  are!

Thesis - 1 point
Document Analysis - 2 points
Use 6 document and discuss the 4 things (POV, Purpose, Audience, and Context) in at least 4 documents
Using evidence beyond the documents - 2  points
Contextualization and Outside Knowledge
Synthesis - 1 point

Long Essay
Thesis - 1 point
Argument developed using targeted thinking skill - 2 points
Evidence -  2 points
Synthesis - 1 point

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