Saturday, October 17, 2015

Government Movies

Yesterday I saw a great movie about spies during the cold war.  It was great story telling, and so beautifully filmed!  I  predict it will be nominated for an Oscar - maybe even win.  Bridges of Spies.

Ultimately it asked a great question for America, and  our legal system.  Tom Hanks plays an attorney defending  a Soviet Spy.  The whole country wants to hang him, and assume he is guilty.  Hanks  wants to give him a fair trial - innocent until proven guilty.  America is hard!  We say everyone gets their rights, but sometimes we don't want to give them their rights.  But we have to!  Below is a speech from the movie - American President.  The president talks about how hard America is.


Before the movie  started - I saw some great upcoming trailers:

This is all about how to win elections.  It will most likely provide great insight.

This is about the economic recession in 2008.  It makes me think about the role of the government and economics.  Are they suppose to protect us from moments like these?

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