Saturday, November 21, 2015

Deeply Rooted

Tonight was the performance of Deeply Rooted Dance Company.  They are inspired by African American dancing and storytelling. It was a powerful statement and expressions of major themes in today's world!  I was so glad I went, and it was amazing what they did with their bodies!  They made it look easy!

Here are two numbers we saw:

Friday, November 6, 2015

APUSH Tidbit

The Tyler men have a habit of having kids very late in life. Lyon Gardiner Tyler, one of President Tyler’s 15 kids, was born in 1853. He fathered Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr. in 1924, and Harrison Ruffin Tyler in 1928.

The 10th President's grandsons are still alive!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Homecoming 2015 - We Are Booker T!

Last week was a fun and eventful week, and we won in the last 15 seconds with a field goal - 17 to 14!!! Here are my pics from each day!

Superhero Day! I was Jack Bauer from 24!

My favorite person! Mrs. G was a doctor!

I saw these girls posing - so I had to get a pic too!

Incredible were popular!

Red, White, and Blue Day -  I loved their costumes!  

My favorite 90s ever!  They were perfect!

These guys looked great for decades day!

Teachers were suppose to dress they would have in high school - I was a 90s kid!

Thursday we got to dress up for Mr. and Miss Hornet!

Got this one from Mrs. Walker - So happy for Leona!

I was the Class Sponsor of 2010, and we had a mini 5 year reunion!  I love these people!!!

Outrageous Orange and Black Day!!!!

Had to get my photo with Coach D.!

Miss Hornet - Love this girl!!!!

2010 - Made my day when they walked into my room!

One of my favorite doors!