Thursday, October 20, 2016

Participate in Homecoming!!!!

Homecoming 2014 - Rise of the Hive

Next week is Homecoming!!!!  Revenge of the Hornets!  I want to take this opportunity to encourage you to participate in Homecoming!  Booker T. is  such a special place with so much spirit!  There is no spirit like Homecoming!  You get what you put into it!!!!

Theme - Revenge of the Hornets
Monday - Greasers v. Soocios (from The Outsiders)
Tuesday - Decades Day
Wednesday - Space Day
Thursday - Dress Up Day
Friday - Outrageous Orange and Black Day

Now is  a great time to find your outfits!  Here are some of my favorite homecoming moments!!!

Senior Hallway 2014

Outrageous Orange and Black Day 2014

Outrageous Orange and Black 2014 I loved this girl's outfit!

You can see my door in the background!

I thought they looked great!

Dress Your Age Day 2013

Dress Your Age Day 2014

Superhero Day 2013

Mix Match Day

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