Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Great Opportunity with the C.I.A

 I love Booker T!  It provides so many opportunities to our students!  One of those moments was today when the C.I.A presented each hour!  The C.I.A just does not come to a school.  They chose Booker T because of the school's reputation of high academic performance!  It boggles my mind still that they come, and I hope our students understand the scope of this!

I took my 6th hour, and was carefully listening!  The presenter said many asked if he was recruiting?  He said no because that would be against the law.  He is there to present opportunities!  I had no idea when I was in high school!  Wanted to make sure you did!

The first thing - check out their website!

The presenter gave some tips.  One if you want to work at the C.I.A know how to speak a language.  Especially Chinese, Arabic, or Russian.  You will stand out!  
Two do not complain.  The presenter said the worst is when someone complains about being there!  He said everyone is thinking Why are you here?

On the website check out the tab Careers and Internships.  It is amazing what is out there!

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