Saturday, February 4, 2017

Black Infantry of the West

My Grandfather wrote this!!!!

My hero - My Grand Father in the Korean War!

My grandfather, Dr. Arlen Fowler, is such an inspiration!  He fought in the Korean War when the Military was still segrated.  He  was a white officer in the 25th Infantry.  In his experience he wanted to know more about the all Black troops, and wrote this book when he got back!

I am so proud I come from this!  He was a history professor for two decades, and even today we sit around and discuss History!  I truly believe I am a History Teacher because of him!

A few years ago he blessed me by coming to Booker T and speaking to my classes about the Black Infantry.   He is the standard!  If you want to know about the Buffalo Soldiers you read his book!  One of  the many things he said to my classes was that the story of the Black Infantry of the West is IMPORTANT!  Important to hear because it is a story of courage!  

Black Infantry

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