Sunday, February 5, 2017

Children are Powerful!

In 1963 the  Civil Rights Movement was at a standstill.  Not a lot of movement.  Dr. King brings the movement to Birmingham, Alabama.  They needed a change,  and this was a perfect new staging ground.  Birmingham was the most segregated city in America in 1963.  There was also a lot of violence, and the city was called Bombingham!

In the begining of 1963 Dr. King and others agreed they needed  to use children.  Children represent innocence, and to all people they are untouchable!  A children's march is organized, and made a difference.  At this march the children were attacked by dogs and fire hoses!  The  press was there taking pictures.  When America saw the images they were horrified, and demanded change!

Great documentary about the Children's  March

Bolstered by the Children's March, Dr. King organized a march on Washington that ended at Lincoln Memorial.  There he gave his famous "I Have A Dream Speech."

If you have not watched this - please do!  It is worth the watch!

In September 1963 The Children made one more sacrifice.  A Baptist church was having a special Children program when a bomb blew the Church apart killing 4 little girls!  No one took responsibilty for this moment, or held responsible.  Though many people blamed the KKK.

The Children's March made a difference!  It helped America open her eyes to the injustice American citizens were facing everyday!

Powerful Song - Please Listen!

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