BTW Photos

BTW Homecoming 2010 - Hall Decorations

My very first year at BTW - my students spelled this out for me one day with markers.  They left it there for me to find.  So sweet!

I was the Class Sponsor for 2010, and this was our class gift to the school.  A bench and it says "hornets" in the bench!

BTW Winter Formal 2011

At a football game.

BTW Pep Rally.  There is nothing like it!  These kids love their school!

Lady Hornets Basketball - So good!  What our athletes do is so impressive!

Gender Bender Day - One of my favorite days at the Hive!  They get so into it!  Theses are some of my favorites!

Class of 2015

We have the BEST students!

Made posters for a Pep Rally!

This is the definition of Hornet Spirit!

Even the teachers get into dressing up!
Superhero Day and American Day!

80's and 90's Day!  Love how they dressed up!  Crazy the 90's were my childhood!  I feel old!

Class of 2010 cam to visit me in Fall 15!   I love when former students visit!  You are always welcome!!!

My students working hard!