Sunday, August 19, 2012

History of London

I loved this scene because I turned around, and there was Big Ben in the distance!  I had to take a photo!

Me in a London Phone Booth.  I had to take this photo because they are famous for their phone booths!

Me in front of the London Eye.  It is the coolest and most modern Ferris wheel.  It is crazy You don't feel your self moving, and you get the best view of London!

St. Paul's Cathedral.  There is the coolest story about this cathedral.  During WWII during the London Blitz a bomb never touched this cathedral.  The people of London saw it as a miracle!

London is getting a lot of attention right now with the Olympics - so below is a link to a website that tells you the history of London.  London is a wonderful place to visit.  I have been multiple times, and every time I experience something new.  I encourage everyone to go!