Friday, June 14, 2013

Going Out of Town

Today I'm leaving for my Grandparent's house!  I'm so excited, and thought ironic since I just did that post about my grandparents!  I just wanted to let you guys know because I don't know if I'll be able to post while there.  See you Tuesday!

Monday, June 10, 2013

TED Talk

Tony Robbins is an inspiring guy who can move mountains when people are at their lowest.  He gets in there, and knows where to look.  Here is his TED Talk entitled "Why we do what we do."  Tony goes deep and looks at how we make the invisible visible.  How do we achieve and fulfill?  It is a great talk that I encourage you to watch!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Today is a Great day to make this post about Honor Flight on the 69th anniversary of D - day!  I have had GREAT privilege of participating in Honor Flight three times!  I hope I get to participate every semester!  Honor Flight is a great organization that takes WWII Vets to Washington D.C. to see the WWII Memorial free of charge!  Such a worthy cause!  When I first heard about Honor Flight I cried because all I could think is how wonderful!  No one deserves it more!  Here is a great video about Honor Flight and their significance!

BTW has participated by writing "Thank You" letters.  Each Vet gets a few on the plane ride, and I heard from Honor Flight that BTW writes the best letters!  That made my heart smile!  That is my requirement to the students is to be heartfelt!  These men have been through the worse and they deserve a worthy "Thank You."  To get them in the right mood I play this song.  It is a true story of one family darning WWII:

The letters are always amazing!  The Best part of Honor Flight is going to the airport to welcome the Vets home!  It is the most patriotic feeling I have ever had!  To see those men come home is such an exciting feeling!  They are now old men, but when I see them I always think what did they look like when they were in the War?  Then they are always so humble, and so grateful!  I shook one of their hands, and he thanked me!  I wanted to say no thank you!  I couldn't believe they were thanking me!  Here are some pics from the last Honor Flight in Tulsa:
Sons of the American Revolution were there dressed up!  Had to get my photo with them!
Me and Mrs. Moffitt about to welcome the Vets home!
Everyone there to welcome the Vets home!
They had a band there to play patriotic music!
Last night I met a WWII Vet at Walgreens.  I took the opportunity to Thank him!  He also told me he was 95.  I asked what the secret was to living a long life?  He said to enjoy life!  I thought that was a great response!  So if you ever get a chance to tell a veteran thank you - please do!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

TED Talk

Here is the next TED Talk!  I just saw this one a little while ago, and it was enlightening.  It is all about food and the power of what you put in your body.  He also talks about schools and what they provide in their cafeterias.  I have always had a problem with my weight.  I love food!  I could never get a grip, and it took me getting a disease to get a grip.  Don't let it get bad before you can get a grip.  The one thing that we can control is the food we put in our body!