Friday, January 31, 2014

State of the Union 2014

The State of the Union is a Constitutional Duty of the President.  Every year in January the President must address Congress and give them a State of the Union.  Now with TV Cameras we get to sit in and watch. 

President Obama talked about a variety of topics from Education to Jobs to Afghanistan.  He ended with a powerful story of a man who has served his county, and paid dearly.  How he is overcoming his obstacles President Obama made the analogy we should.  It is powerful, and will bring tears to your eyes!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

What do you love about Oklahoma?

Recently I asked my Oklahoma History Students what they love about Oklahoma?  I love Oklahoma, and especially Tulsa!  Tulsa is HOME!  I've been around the world, but Tulsa is my favorite city in the world!  When people say they are going to leave Tulsa, my heart cries a little. 

There are some GREAT things about Oklahoma!  Here is what they said:

Will Rogers says about Oklahoma if you don't like the weather - wait a minute, it'll change.
We live in Tornado Alley
Family and Friends are Here
I get this!  I think this is the BIG reason I love Tulsa!  My whole family is here!
Me and My Sister



Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Many people think that America is the only country that has dealt with race problems, but another country that has is South Africa.  America calls their segregation Jim Crow - South Africa calls their segregation Apartheid.

This comedian above takes a funny look at Apartheid.  To make this funny is brilliance!  To make segregation funny is hard to do - so please watch it!  And know that the race issue is a world wide problem.  We will stop it when we stop teaching hate to our children!  It stops with you!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

TED Talk

This is a GREAT talk full of wisdom!  I know BTW Students are going to college, but it is a very differnt world from when your parents and grandparents went to college.  This guy talks about the new reality for college students, and how for them to be successful.  You need book smarts and street smarts!  Please watch this!