Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Enjoy Winter Break!!!!

I will see you on the 4th!  I am going out of town tomorrow so I will not be posting till after the new year!!!  ENJOY YOUR BREAK!!!!

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Zimmerman Telegram

In US History Survey we just learned about World War 1.  What I find comforting about WW1 in US History is you just have to know about America's involvement.  The aspect that students must know is the homefront and what got us involved!

America declared she was neutral!!!But the world knew she was not!  The Germans kept attacking American ships, but still America did nothing! Then a few events happened.  One was the Zimmerman Telegram.

Germany sent a coded message to Mexico asking them to attack America.  When they win not if they win they would give Mexico the land they lost to America.  Luckily they never got the telegram.  America intercepted the telegram, and decoded it.  

I had my students decode the telegram, and write a coded message like the Zimmerman Telegram.

The Zimmerman Telegram

This moment got America to finally declare war!  America was furious Germany asked Mexico to attack her!  This sadly will happen again in the 1960s when Russia asks Cuba to store missiles to attack her!

Cuban Missile Crisis  

A great movie about breaking code is the Imitation Game.  This was when the British broke the NAZI code!  It was phenomenal!