Friday, December 4, 2015

Grade Update

I wanted to let you know that power school will not let me in.  I am so frustrated because I wanted to get  grades done this weekend!  It is all I wanted to do! 

Never mind!  I just tried - hoping, and it let me in!  I don't know what was happening?  But I am so HAPPY Power School let me in!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Deeply Rooted

Tonight was the performance of Deeply Rooted Dance Company.  They are inspired by African American dancing and storytelling. It was a powerful statement and expressions of major themes in today's world!  I was so glad I went, and it was amazing what they did with their bodies!  They made it look easy!

Here are two numbers we saw:

Monday, November 2, 2015

Homecoming 2015 - We Are Booker T!

Last week was a fun and eventful week, and we won in the last 15 seconds with a field goal - 17 to 14!!! Here are my pics from each day!

Superhero Day! I was Jack Bauer from 24!

My favorite person! Mrs. G was a doctor!

I saw these girls posing - so I had to get a pic too!

Incredible were popular!

Red, White, and Blue Day -  I loved their costumes!  

My favorite 90s ever!  They were perfect!

These guys looked great for decades day!

Teachers were suppose to dress they would have in high school - I was a 90s kid!

Thursday we got to dress up for Mr. and Miss Hornet!

Got this one from Mrs. Walker - So happy for Leona!

I was the Class Sponsor of 2010, and we had a mini 5 year reunion!  I love these people!!!

Outrageous Orange and Black Day!!!!

Had to get my photo with Coach D.!

Miss Hornet - Love this girl!!!!

2010 - Made my day when they walked into my room!

One of my favorite doors!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Behaviors not goals!

I love goal setting!  I truly believe you need to set goals for your self!  And work towards them.  You cannot just get what you want by saying it.  You need to work hard!  And there are always people out there who are willing to work harder!  I love this speaker's approach.  You need to focus on your behaviors to achieve your goals!  This is real insight!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Colonial Unity

I want my students to think like  historians! When talking about the American Revolution - many historians wonder when colonial unity happened?  For the colonists to win they had to be united!  They defeated the greatest military power in the world at that time (1783).  

Many point to the Albany Plan during the French and Indian War.  Under Mercantilism the colonies got free protection from England.  They never had to protect themselves.  They were not trained or ready, but now the war is being fought in their own back yard.  Could they defend themselves?  Albany Plan is called to help unite the colonies.  There Ben Franklin introduces his Join or Die Cartoon.  Telling the colonies they must unite, or die!  The snake  represents the colonies.  At that moment the were in pieces  and they needed to come together!

It worked because they won!  But then the Road to the Revolution happened!  To what extent were they united?  Upset with England definitely brought them together, but they were divided on what they wanted to accomplish.  The central question was could the colonies govern themselves?  A great scene from The Patriot debates whether they should declare independence?  Mel Gibson quotes Mather Boyles, "Is it better to be ruled by one tyrant 3,000 miles away, or 3,000 tyrants  one mile a way?" 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Articles Of Confederation to Constitution

This is a great overview of the Articles to the Constitution.  Watch this!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Government Movies

Yesterday I saw a great movie about spies during the cold war.  It was great story telling, and so beautifully filmed!  I  predict it will be nominated for an Oscar - maybe even win.  Bridges of Spies.

Ultimately it asked a great question for America, and  our legal system.  Tom Hanks plays an attorney defending  a Soviet Spy.  The whole country wants to hang him, and assume he is guilty.  Hanks  wants to give him a fair trial - innocent until proven guilty.  America is hard!  We say everyone gets their rights, but sometimes we don't want to give them their rights.  But we have to!  Below is a speech from the movie - American President.  The president talks about how hard America is.


Before the movie  started - I saw some great upcoming trailers:

This is all about how to win elections.  It will most likely provide great insight.

This is about the economic recession in 2008.  It makes me think about the role of the government and economics.  Are they suppose to protect us from moments like these?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Great APUSH Review Site

For you to do well on the APUSH exam - you must work outside the classroom!  You cannot just show up to class and listen.  That is not enough!  There is so much out there online to help you.  I found a great site to help you!  There is wisdom, content, and videos!

Tolerance for all!

I believe in equality for all!  If you do not agree with someone, or their religion that is fine.  But that does not give us the right to deny rights, or discriminate.  All religions are beautiful, and we cannot let the actions of a few crazies let us judge a whole  faith!  That is so unfair!  One natural right we have in this country is Freedom of Religion!

This makes my heart smile!

I used to cry every time, but I still get goosebumps!

We are all human!  We need to remember that!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

We take America For Granted

I heard this speech this weekend, and it spoke to me!  The two main cops from Dragnet are talking to two teenagers who want to start a new country.  They remind them about the country they live in!  It is not perfect, but better than most!  They give them situations to ponder!  We have no idea how great we have it!  And it is the responsibility of every generation to make it better for the next!  What amazes me this was almost 40 years ago!  These thoughts from the younger generation never change! 

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Right now on Broadway is a Hip Hop Musical about the life of Hamilton!  I want to see it more than anything.  If I had all the money in the world -  I would hop on a plane, and go see it. Here is a story about the musical:

I am blown away by this!  The fact the creator could look at historical figures, and see this!  Brilliant!  The creator is helping history to come to life, be fun, and relevant!  So smart!  Research this!  Below is the creator describing his vision, and performing the first song:

Friday, October 2, 2015

An AMAZING Opportunity!

Last week the C.I.A came to Booker T. during Activity Period.  They DO NOT come to schools, but they come to our school because Booker T is known!  They take the tie to come, and tell you about an amazing opportunity!

The C.I.A. has an under grad scholarship.  The requirements are:

You have to be 18 by April
Have a 3.5 GPA

Those are the ones they discussed.  If you get this scholarship you are an employee of the C.I.A.  They pay you $30, 000 a year for going to school.  You get a paycheck every two weeks plus benefits.  Then they pay for college!  Do you get that?!  That is amazing!  There are so many opportunities out there - you just ave to find them!

So if you are a freshman - you know what is expected!  Work hard!  Check out the scholarship online.  Look around!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Great APUSH Review Book

I used to say the BEST APUSH Review book was Princeton Review.  I thought their content was great, and their practice questions were practical.  But now with the restructure - I'm not sure.  Lately  I have been liking Kaplan.  But lately I've been hearing about this book above - Amsco.

Quite a few people have said this was just great!  I want to encourage all to get a review book!  You need one!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Know Your Rights!

I keep talking about this in US Government - so I wanted to show you!  This is my favorite tattoo  and I love the message!  What I have learned in my short life is you MUST know your rights!  People who are in a position of authority - will take advantage of  you!  Not all, but some!  You must be your biggest advocate!

One way you can know your rights is to read the Constitution!  Next time you are bored!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Back To School Night

Tomorrow night is Back to School Night!  I hope all can come!  It starts at 5:30 in the auditorium, and then you will follow your student's schedule.  So if you come, and I hope you do!  Get your child's schedule so you can follow it!  See you tomorrow night!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day!!!!

Study Tip

This is most of what I've graded this weekend!  I have more!  I am trying really hard to stay on top of your grades!  Your grade is important to me!   While I was grading I became very present to something - I was reminded of something.

I have a study tip.  Mainly for APUSH, but anyone can do this!  Be prepared!  When you get work - make it into flash cards or whatever you need!  For all my classes I do NOT have you do busy work.  All your homework will help you.  So don't wait till the test to study it!  Study it now!

When I was in my first year of college - we had no homework.  We didn't do anything till October.  This was strange to me, and I noticed.  But then it happened.  About Mid October every teacher said we would have a midterm over the first 20 chapters plus their lecture.  WHAT!!!!  I only had two nights to study.  I was freaking out!  

I never wanted to experience that again!  So after I survived those tests -  I would make flashcards of my notes every time after class.   I learned in high school I am a flashcard girl!   Every  time I used them I would pass the test!

High school is a great time to learn how you learn!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

TED Talk

Today I saw a GREAT and NEW TED Talk!  I had to share!  It is all about making life easy and beautiful!  I think we forget that!  Life is what you make it!  Do not make it difficult!  There is no point, and others might look at you like you are crazy, but who cares!  It is your life!  Make it easy!  This speaker offers real wisdom!

Monday, August 24, 2015

On The Road

This story will make you smile, and it is a reminder that we can choose our attitude no matter the situation!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Change Over Time - Historical Thinking Skills Practice

If you are in my APUSH class you need to practice looking at Change Over Time.  This is one of the Historical Thinking Skills that could be used on the APUSH exam.  I encourage you to practice seeing change over time.  The examples below are not historical, but with historical content you will do the same thing.  With the examples below it might seem like the similarities and differences are easy to see, but if you can do it here you can do it with APUSH!  Takes Practice, Practice, Practice!

Old and new cellphones - can you see change over time?

This week we looked at Period 1.  One thin I became present to this morning is a great change over time topic - Navigation.  In Period 1 you must know the improvements to technology Europeans made which allowed them come to the New World.  Since the begging humans have wanted to master navigation!  What has stayed the same, and what has changed?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tips to be Successful at BTW!

This is my 11th year at BTW, and I have some tips to be successful! I saw this image, and it spoke to me!  This is my hope for all  my  students!  Make your goals  and dreams a priority!  You are at the BEST school, and your teachers are going to ask a lot of you!  Put in the effort, and you'll love the results!  I had  a BTW football player show me this, and it is great!  How bad do you want it?  To make great grades ' it takes hard work!

Here are my tips for a successful year:

1. Go with the flow

In my 11 years at BTW - I have discovered you have to go  with the flow!   There will be a different schedule almost everyday,  and the school will add things like an assembly.  But you just have to go with the flow!   You'll feel better, and you'll adapt to BTW better. Which will make you more successful!

2. Do NOT ever get a zero in the gradebook!!!

I can tell you as  a teacher the worst thing  you can do is get a 0 in  a class!   It hurts your grade so  bad! So do not do it!  Even if you have the assignment half completed -  turn it in!  Half credit is better than a zero!  Pay attention if your teacher will take late work?  I do not take late work - so you want to turn in your work the day it is due!
With that if a teacher offers extra credit - do it!!!  You never know when  it will help!  I notice the students who don't need extra credit - do it, and the students who disparately need it - do not do it!

3. Listen

If you are not listening, paying attention you can miss important information.  Being on your phone,  talking to your friends, or listening to music is all a distraction.  There have been a few times when I will collect an assignment, and only half the class will  have it!   That half will  always act confused, and then get defensive!  They were not listening!!!  Do NOT let that be you!
Also pay  attention.  I do this, and I know many teachers do this - we write the homework on the board! Realistically no one should ever say they did not know there was homework!

4. Participate!
You are a Hornet!  BTW is full of spirit and school pride!  Take part in it!  On a spirit day - dress up!  During Homecoming dress up!  If you  don't you are the strange one.  Everyone does!  Even teachers!  BTW is  special, and there is no place like it!  I am a dork, but the spirit is so big the first pep rally always makes me cry!  You are part of an incredible legacy!  Take  pride!

5. You are Excellence!

Be excellent in all that you do! BTW is excellence, and that means you too!  I promise the teachers are bringing their A game - so should you!  Make good grades, find a club to join,  participate  - You are a HORNET!


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Study Tips

I found these pictures, and they are great reminders.

I  know it is shocking, but most of the times teachers know when you are looking at your phone!  So do not be surprised!  Phones are a huge distraction!     It is ok to be away from it for a length of a class!  I heard a student say last year that when she does homework she puts her phone away because it is too distracting!  And I would guess you would get your homework done faster if you did that!

It always surprises me how many students turn in a paper with no name!  Before you turn in a paper - make sure your name is on it!

Monday, July 27, 2015

French and Indian War

One cannot discuss the American Revolution until you mention the French and Indian War, or the Seven Years War from 1754 to 1763.  This moment leads to the unfair taxes (the colonists thought) that England enacts.  England protects her colonists from the French and her Native American allies.  

Under mercantilism the British colonies got free protection from England the mother country.  Which ends up being a great thing because the colonists had no military experience.  Up to this point they never had to protect themselves. So when competition and conflict arises over the Ohio River Valley the colonists were not prepared for what was about to happen.

In an AP history class you do not have to focus on military history.  So you do not need to know about specific battles.  Just what led to the conflict, and the outcome and impact.  In the New World Europeans competed and fought over land.  There was dispute over the Ohio River Valley between England and France.  So England took charge.

They sent a young militia commander by the name of George Washington to tell the French the Ohio River Valley belonged to them!  What is interesting about the French and Indian War is the appearance of our Founding Fathers.  We will also meet Benjamin Franklin.  When Washington arrived with  the message from the British the French were not happy!  They did not lay down and let the British take it.  The French fought back!  The Ohio River Valley was very fertile land, and provided land that could grow crops!  That is why both countries wanted it.

Luckily no one was hurt when the French fired at the British, but both sides went back to their headquarters and told them they were at the war!  The title of this war is confusing!  It was not the French against the Indians.  It was the French and Indians against the British.  Historically the French were kinder to the Native Americans.  So when this war erupted the Native Americans sided with the French!

The problem early on was the colonists, and their ability to unite.  So the Albany Plan was called to help unite the colonies!  Benjamin Franklin presented the Join or Die cartoon, and it did what it was intended to do.  It united the colonies, and England won!  Franklin represented the colonies as a snake.  And divided it up.  Each piece of the snaked represents a colony.  And basically says if we do not come together we will die and be defeated.  This image has made an impact and is still being used.  In 2008 P Diddy tried to get young people to vote.  His slogan was Vote or Die.

At  the end England acquired new land and war debt.  They needed a way to help pay back the deb t and be prepared for future conflicts.  This will lead directly to the Road to Revolution.