Thursday, July 3, 2014

Outline and Rewrite Notes

I always tell my students learn how you learn.  When you figure out how you study, your school life will be so much easier!  There are so many different ways to study, and we all use different strategies.  What works for you might not work for another.  So I am going to highlight different methods.  Today I am going to highlight outlines and rewriting notes.
Some people when there is a big exam coming up reread their notes and rewrite them.  There is something about the repletion.  Students will keep rewriting their notes till they are in their head for good!  Another great tip is to read the notes out loud as you rewrite them.  What makes this great is you include your senses.  It makes the technique more powerful.
This takes time, but if you wait till the last minute it is hard to do!  So use good time management, and start studying early!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Assassination of President Garfield

Most people don not know that four US Presidents have been assassinated.  Everyone knows Lincoln and JFK, but they don't know about Garfield and McKinley.  It is fun to ask that question in class because they will all shout out 2.  Then I get to say no - 4.  And then they all look at me dumbfounded. 
The assassination of President Garfield is an exciting story, and because of it major change happened in America. Under President Jackson the Spoils System formed.  It is strange to think about now, but in the 1800s Presidential candidates did not campaign for themselves.  Loyal supporters did it, and their thank you was a government job.  They did not even have to have experience in that field.  So this made our government ineffective from the 1830s to the 1880s.
The assassination begins with the assassin Charles Guiteau.  He campaigned for Garfield, and wanted to be rewarded.  So he went to the White House personally to ask the President why he has not been given a job.  Can you believe in the 1880s anyone could walk up to the White House and talk to the President!  Not today!
President Garfield met with him, thanked him for all his hard work, but said there was no job for him.  Guiteau left disappointed, and had a radical dream that night.  He dreamt God telling him to kill the President.  I don't know why it is always God!  Guiteau began to stalk the President learning his schedule.  Then a month later the opportunity presented itself.
President Garfield's wife got very sick, and the President decided to go home to be with her.  Now you think they would have learned from President Lincoln to always have body guards.  But once he made it to the train station the President sent his body guards home.  Guiteau had his moment, and walked towards the President.
I've lways wondered what was President Garfield thinking?  He knew Guiteau, and then all of sudden he shot him point blank.  Vice President Arthur is now President, and the press promotes Guiteau as a "disgruntled office seeker."  The first thing President Arthur does is pass the Pendleton  Service Act.  It required government workers to take a completive exam proving they knew what they were doing.  The Spoils System was no more!