Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Be Careful!

What you do, say, and post on Social Media is noticed!  Do not use Social Media as a platform to vent and/or to complain!  On my Social Media everything is rainbows and butterfly's! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rebel Against the Absolute Monarch

The crown has been the symbol of the Absolute Monarch for a long time!  Absolute Monarchy ruled Europe for almost a 1000 years!  This is an autocratic government - one person has all the power!  Do you get that?!   One person has the final say!  Their people are subject to his final whim!   Personally - living in a democracy my whole  life this is terrifying!  I love our democratic system of checks and balances, and I love the idea one person cannot become a tyrant!

The Absolute Monarchy is symbolized by Louis the 14th of France!  He is the Sun King because everything revolved around him!  He was the Sun!  He built a beautiful palace - Versailles.  It shows his power and wealth because everything is so gaudy!  This was an opportunity for him to show off!

To show how ridiculous life was at Versailles - watch the movie Marie Antoinette!   The coolest part they really filmed at Versailles!  Somehow they said yes!  You see how bored they are at Versailles!  This was in the extras.  For fun the actor who played Louis the 16th filmed an episode  of MTV Cribs as the King.  I love this!

To show how ridiculous Versailles was here is the dressing scene.  It is also explained!


This is what the American colonists were breaking from!   They did not want to be ruled by a Monarchy!