Monday, June 25, 2012

How Do You Tell?

The Sullivan Brothers

A powerful song is Sullivan by Caroline Spine.  Everytime I listen to this song I get goose bumps!  It is about the Sullivan Brothers during WWII who all joined the military, and were placed in the South Pacific on the same ship.  They were all killed, and what eats me up is the thought of how the mother dealt with this.  I can't imagine having kids in war.  Knowing they are in harms way, and never knowing fully if they are safe.  But this Mom had all 5 of her sons, and then one day gets a telegram that they were all killed!  This song captures the emotion and heart of this situation.

My favorite line is, " Uncle Sam will send you a telegram - so he doesn't have to tell you over the phone..."  That line speaks to me, and always makes me think.  I really think now after this song that if a family has a loved one die in the military the President should call the family.  That man or woman made the ultimate sacrifice and they deserve more than a telegram.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Farewell, My Queen

My dear friend just showed me the most amazing trailer for a movie that is coming out!  It is called Farewell, My Queen, and it is about the French Revolution.  The French Revolution is my favorite historical period!  It captivates me, and I love every part of it!  This movie looks good, and I love that it is in French!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Blind Side

I just watched this movie on TV, and have to do a post!  What is great about this movie is the reminder that someone believes in you!  And when someone believes in you incredible things can happen!  In this movie Michael is a kid from the projects who is taken in by a wealthy family.  All of sudden so much is possible!  He is playing football, making good grades, and getting scholarships to colleges.  It was always possible - he just needed the push and drive!  Michael needed someone to believe in him!

Sandra Bullock as the concerned mother

So it makes me wonder - who believes in you?  Who pushes you, and expects excellence?  Is it your parents, a teacher, a leader in the community, or a friend?  Whoever is pushing you in your life - hold on to them and thank them!  You are so lucky!  If you think you have no one - you DO at BTW!  The administration, staff, and faculty love you so much, and want the best for you!  That is why at BTW teachers expect so much of you, and have high standards.  We want the best for you!  We want you to follow your dreams, and have the life of your dreams! 

Your life is your life.  You make it what you want, and in high school you will make decisions that will impact your adult life.  Just know that I'm behind you - your biggest cheerleader wanting you to accomplish all of your dreams and goals!  I saw Charlize Theron on an interview recently and she discussed helping kids in South Africa.  She said she came home thankful because circumstances worked out for her.  She is an Oscar winning actress making millions!  She was reminded that circumstances don't always work out for everyone.  We are blessed - how are you going to use your life?

Friday, June 1, 2012

The King's Speech

I love movies!  And I love when the movies take a historical event.  Because then it is exciting, and engaging.  You get a sense of what that event was all about!  How people felt, and what they went through!  There is a huge differenc reading about an event, and watching it!  A great historical movie is The King's Speech.  It came out a few years ago, and I was blown away!  It was the best movie I had seen in a long time!  I think I saw it three times at the theater - It was that good!  I knew it would win Oscars.  Colin Firth who plays the King won Best Actor!  And it was so deserved.

The King's Speech follows the King of England during WWII.  He must inspire his country at a horrible time, but there is a problem.  The King of England has a horrible stutter.  Radio has been invented, and all of his advisors want him to address the nation.  But he can't, and it is painful to watch!  So he hires a speech therapist to help him.  The relationship he develops with the therapist is so much fun to watch.  It is an outstandiing movie!  Rent it today!

The real King