Monday, August 24, 2015

On The Road

This story will make you smile, and it is a reminder that we can choose our attitude no matter the situation!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Change Over Time - Historical Thinking Skills Practice

If you are in my APUSH class you need to practice looking at Change Over Time.  This is one of the Historical Thinking Skills that could be used on the APUSH exam.  I encourage you to practice seeing change over time.  The examples below are not historical, but with historical content you will do the same thing.  With the examples below it might seem like the similarities and differences are easy to see, but if you can do it here you can do it with APUSH!  Takes Practice, Practice, Practice!

Old and new cellphones - can you see change over time?

This week we looked at Period 1.  One thin I became present to this morning is a great change over time topic - Navigation.  In Period 1 you must know the improvements to technology Europeans made which allowed them come to the New World.  Since the begging humans have wanted to master navigation!  What has stayed the same, and what has changed?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tips to be Successful at BTW!

This is my 11th year at BTW, and I have some tips to be successful! I saw this image, and it spoke to me!  This is my hope for all  my  students!  Make your goals  and dreams a priority!  You are at the BEST school, and your teachers are going to ask a lot of you!  Put in the effort, and you'll love the results!  I had  a BTW football player show me this, and it is great!  How bad do you want it?  To make great grades ' it takes hard work!

Here are my tips for a successful year:

1. Go with the flow

In my 11 years at BTW - I have discovered you have to go  with the flow!   There will be a different schedule almost everyday,  and the school will add things like an assembly.  But you just have to go with the flow!   You'll feel better, and you'll adapt to BTW better. Which will make you more successful!

2. Do NOT ever get a zero in the gradebook!!!

I can tell you as  a teacher the worst thing  you can do is get a 0 in  a class!   It hurts your grade so  bad! So do not do it!  Even if you have the assignment half completed -  turn it in!  Half credit is better than a zero!  Pay attention if your teacher will take late work?  I do not take late work - so you want to turn in your work the day it is due!
With that if a teacher offers extra credit - do it!!!  You never know when  it will help!  I notice the students who don't need extra credit - do it, and the students who disparately need it - do not do it!

3. Listen

If you are not listening, paying attention you can miss important information.  Being on your phone,  talking to your friends, or listening to music is all a distraction.  There have been a few times when I will collect an assignment, and only half the class will  have it!   That half will  always act confused, and then get defensive!  They were not listening!!!  Do NOT let that be you!
Also pay  attention.  I do this, and I know many teachers do this - we write the homework on the board! Realistically no one should ever say they did not know there was homework!

4. Participate!
You are a Hornet!  BTW is full of spirit and school pride!  Take part in it!  On a spirit day - dress up!  During Homecoming dress up!  If you  don't you are the strange one.  Everyone does!  Even teachers!  BTW is  special, and there is no place like it!  I am a dork, but the spirit is so big the first pep rally always makes me cry!  You are part of an incredible legacy!  Take  pride!

5. You are Excellence!

Be excellent in all that you do! BTW is excellence, and that means you too!  I promise the teachers are bringing their A game - so should you!  Make good grades, find a club to join,  participate  - You are a HORNET!


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Study Tips

I found these pictures, and they are great reminders.

I  know it is shocking, but most of the times teachers know when you are looking at your phone!  So do not be surprised!  Phones are a huge distraction!     It is ok to be away from it for a length of a class!  I heard a student say last year that when she does homework she puts her phone away because it is too distracting!  And I would guess you would get your homework done faster if you did that!

It always surprises me how many students turn in a paper with no name!  Before you turn in a paper - make sure your name is on it!