Saturday, August 22, 2015

Change Over Time - Historical Thinking Skills Practice

If you are in my APUSH class you need to practice looking at Change Over Time.  This is one of the Historical Thinking Skills that could be used on the APUSH exam.  I encourage you to practice seeing change over time.  The examples below are not historical, but with historical content you will do the same thing.  With the examples below it might seem like the similarities and differences are easy to see, but if you can do it here you can do it with APUSH!  Takes Practice, Practice, Practice!

Old and new cellphones - can you see change over time?

This week we looked at Period 1.  One thin I became present to this morning is a great change over time topic - Navigation.  In Period 1 you must know the improvements to technology Europeans made which allowed them come to the New World.  Since the begging humans have wanted to master navigation!  What has stayed the same, and what has changed?

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