Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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When Did America Become A Superpower?

Historians ask and debate questions all the time. I love for my students to tackle those questions, and come up with their own answers. One questions historians always pose is when did America become a superpower? After the Spanish American War, or after World War 2? The best part is their is no wrong answer.  Many historians say both, but overwhelmingly historians agree America became a Superpower after World War 2.  I would agree with that.

Many argue America became a Superpower after the Spanish American War due to it being the first time America gets involved with World Affairs.  Studying American History is interesting due to the first 119 years America stayed to itself.  I always thought America had a geographic advantage.  There are two large oceans in between America allowing them to not get involved.  There were many cases when another country asked America to get involved, but till 1898 she always said no.

This actually became an American tradition due to her first president - George Washington. He created the idea of isolationism.  America listened to her first president.  She stayed out of foreign entanglements, and every president till FDR only served two terms due to him only serving two terms.

Everything changed in 1898 when America declared war on Spain to save her colony - Cuba.  When World War Two happened in 1941 FDR went on the radio and said after this war America will go back to being isolationist.  But that will never happen.  America emerges as a superpower.  

America emerges as a superpower due to economic reasons.  The world was broke, and America had money.  She was an industrial giant.  So when did America become a superpower?  There is no wrong answer.