Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life Is Beautiful

I have done a post on this movie before, so this is a whole different approach.  Every Homecoming I show a movie because the school goes all out!  I think it is my favorite week because almost every student participates, and you can feel the spirit and love!  But I don't show just any movie.  I show a movie that will expose them to something else, or different cultures.  One year I show a Film Noir, Kiss of Death (1947).  I loved showing that one for many reasons.  One Film Noir is a great genre of film, and I assume most students today have not seen one.  Most likely color films had not been invented yet.  The one I showed was a Black and White film.  When the students heard it was a black and white film they looked nervous.  They didn't know if they would like it?  Which is why I showed the film!  I want the kids to enjoy Homecoming Week, but at the same time do something worthwhile.  At the end of the week so many kids were surprised!  They liked a Black and White Film!

So this year I showed Life is Beautiful, an Italian film.  That is why I chose this film.  I played the film in it's language, and they had to read English Subtitles.  To watch this film dubbed in English is a crime - you will lose some of the magic of the film.  And I was not surprised the kids loved it!  When we finished watching it a student shouted out, "I hate you Ms.Haughey!" All I could say is why?  Then I looked down and saw she was crying.  She said, "You ruined my eye makeup!" 

I also have them complete an assignment to go along with the film.  As long as they watch the film - they can complete the assignment.  So here is some of the things students said about Life is Beautiful.  And the favorite scenes said over and over!

"I thought this was very touching. It makes me see how lucky I am to live in America."

"This Guido guy was very inspirational, and he was a really good guy. I kinda wanna be like him."

Every student loved it, and said nothing but great things!  One student said it should have won picture at the Oscars - not just Best Foreign Film.  You have to see acceptance speech!

The life lessons they got out of the film:
  1. Loyalty
  2. Always Have Fun
  3. Never Give Up
  4. Life is What you Make It
  5. Persistence
  6. Show Unconditional Love
  7. Have Courage - Take Risks in Life
  8. Always be Happy
  9. Look at the Positive
  10. Always Listen to Your Parents
  11. Cherish Every Moment
  12. Perseverance
  13. Think Before You Leap
  14. Live For the Moment
  15. Always Look On the Bright Side
  16. Never Take Life for Granted
  17. Stay Humble
  18. Always Stay Happy
  19. Family Comes First
  20. Challenge What Is Wrong
Favorite Scenes:

Dad protects his son by making the concentration camp a game.

Dad makes the ultimate sacrifice - and still makes his son laugh!

They won the game, and got the prize of a tank!

Friday, October 19, 2012


On the first night of Fall Break I went to go see the new movie, Argo.  It was the best movie I have seen all year.  It is about the 6 American who got out of the American Embassy in Tehran, Iran before it was stormed.  The CIA decides to rescue them, and sends in Tony Mendez to save them. You are on the edge of your seat the whole time.  We know they get out safely, but you doubt it as you watch the film.

It was a great historical film, and you really get an idea of what that time period feels like.  I love historical movies that allow you to feel the time period.  Water for Elephants was the same way.  You really get an idea of what the 1930s must have felt like!

The movie is Rated R for language - so get parental permission first, and it is well worth it!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Here Comes The Boom

This weekend I saw this movie!  It was fantastic and inspirational.  My whole family thought it was the feel good movie of the year!  As a teacher it was inspiring to see a teacher give his all to his school, and his students. 

The teacher had lost his way, and was even teacher of the year!  There was a part when he talked about looking forward to the beginning of the school year, and decorating his classroom.  He compared it to college and moving into a dorm room.  I totally related to that.  I love decorating my classroom.  I look forward to it every summer!

This movie also shows the importance of education.  As a society we have to make education a priority!  Go see this movie - it won't disappoint!

My classroom - It took a week to decorate!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Where The Sting Began" - BTW Homecoming 2012

I just love Homecoming at BTW!  It is a fun filled and spirited week!  The BEST part is such a large percentage of the student body participates.  My mom came and ate lunch with me, and she was amazed at the school.  The doors and halls were decorated, and every student she saw was dressed up!  I feel so lucky that I teach at BTW!  This is my favorite week at school!  And we won the football game against the Stillwater Pioneers!  It can't get even better!

2nd Hours decorate their doors.  It is a contest and Mrs. Ramsey's class won, and besides my door this was my 2nd favorite door!

My door that my second hour did.  I'm so proud of them!  It turned out great, and I had so many students come up to me saying we should have won!

The COOLEST Hornet hat I have ever seen!  A student in my 4th Hour sister made it out of paper mache.

I had to try on the hat!  This was outrageous orange and black day.  That is why I'm wearing the tie!

Me on Retro day!  I went for the 80s look.  I was alive for most of the 80s, but I was a little girl so I don't remember most of it.  My mom always says that is a good thing!  She likes to forget the 80s!  I can see why!

Me on Mix Match Day!  I would only dress like this and leave the house for BTW!