Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Where The Sting Began" - BTW Homecoming 2012

I just love Homecoming at BTW!  It is a fun filled and spirited week!  The BEST part is such a large percentage of the student body participates.  My mom came and ate lunch with me, and she was amazed at the school.  The doors and halls were decorated, and every student she saw was dressed up!  I feel so lucky that I teach at BTW!  This is my favorite week at school!  And we won the football game against the Stillwater Pioneers!  It can't get even better!

2nd Hours decorate their doors.  It is a contest and Mrs. Ramsey's class won, and besides my door this was my 2nd favorite door!

My door that my second hour did.  I'm so proud of them!  It turned out great, and I had so many students come up to me saying we should have won!

The COOLEST Hornet hat I have ever seen!  A student in my 4th Hour sister made it out of paper mache.

I had to try on the hat!  This was outrageous orange and black day.  That is why I'm wearing the tie!

Me on Retro day!  I went for the 80s look.  I was alive for most of the 80s, but I was a little girl so I don't remember most of it.  My mom always says that is a good thing!  She likes to forget the 80s!  I can see why!

Me on Mix Match Day!  I would only dress like this and leave the house for BTW!

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