Thursday, April 20, 2017

WW2 and Cold War

Here are the videos I told you guys about.  They will help you understand important ideas and concepts.

World War 2 and Japanese Internment

APUSH was restructured 2 years ago, and they made the experiences of minorities crucial to AP US History.  So being familiar with Japanese Internment would be good, and it is mentioned in the Key Concept.  I showed the shortened version in class, but the full one is worth the watch!

Cold War Beginnings

The video found at YouTube - search Untold History: Stalin, the Soviet Union and WWII - explains nicely Stalin's position during and after WW2.  It is an eye opener!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

We Dine Together!

This is the BEST idea, and I wish every school did this!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Requiem For The American Dream

How do measure success?  Many people measure by their bank account and how much is in it.  I am not cut from that cloth.  I view success differently.  If I have a job that brings me joy and purpose and I can pay my bills than I am successful.  

A student told me about this documentary, and I finally watched it this week.  It is on Netflix, and I highly encourage you to watch it!  It is thought provoking, and i find myself still thinking about it.  I cannot wait to watch it again!  In this documentary they make some big arguments.  One the American Dream is dead, and class mobility is not possible anymore.  Man that is a scary thought!

I believe that makes education even more important!  Two they say America's Founding Fathers did NOT believe in DEMOCRACY!  That is radical!  They wanted to make sure the general population did not have power, and those in power believe that  today!  That is a hard pill to swallow!  

I do NOT want to believe that, but so many historians and economists  are telling us that!  Something needs to change!

Another great documentary about this topic is Inequality for All. It too is on Netflix.  I just thought are these warnings?

This is a scary visual!