Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Enjoy Winter Break!!!!

I will see you on the 4th!  I am going out of town tomorrow so I will not be posting till after the new year!!!  ENJOY YOUR BREAK!!!!

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Zimmerman Telegram

In US History Survey we just learned about World War 1.  What I find comforting about WW1 in US History is you just have to know about America's involvement.  The aspect that students must know is the homefront and what got us involved!

America declared she was neutral!!!But the world knew she was not!  The Germans kept attacking American ships, but still America did nothing! Then a few events happened.  One was the Zimmerman Telegram.

Germany sent a coded message to Mexico asking them to attack America.  When they win not if they win they would give Mexico the land they lost to America.  Luckily they never got the telegram.  America intercepted the telegram, and decoded it.  

I had my students decode the telegram, and write a coded message like the Zimmerman Telegram.

The Zimmerman Telegram

This moment got America to finally declare war!  America was furious Germany asked Mexico to attack her!  This sadly will happen again in the 1960s when Russia asks Cuba to store missiles to attack her!

Cuban Missile Crisis  

A great movie about breaking code is the Imitation Game.  This was when the British broke the NAZI code!  It was phenomenal! 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sing For Your Life!

I saw  Daniel Bergner on the Daily Show talking about this book!  What an inspiration!  I want to read his book!  He grew up in a rough neighborhood, and was  headed to  jail!  After a terrible juvy experience he declared never again!  He is now a professional opera singer!  What an inspiration!!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

I will be out!!!

I am leaving for my grandmother's for Thanksgiving!  I will not be posting, but I wish everyone a HAPPY  THANKSGIVING!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Do Not Give Up!

Today BTW handed out Progress Reports.  We have not hit the Point of No Return - So if you want to change a grade you can!!!!  Do not give up!  Now is the time to keep moving!  Here is som inspiration:

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I have been gone!

This last weekend I took BTW Student Council to State in Guymon, Oklahoma.  It was fun, but I was not home to update the blog!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Do Not Be Afraid To Talk To People

One thing about our amazing technology is it is taking away people's ability to talk to people.  It feels like people would rather text or snapchat.  Here is some great advice on how to talk to people.  This is advice we  need today!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Homecoming 2016

It was such a GREAT week of fun and school spirit!  Thanks for putting up with me and all the Student Council craziness!

I loved this !!!!  The back of the homecoming tee shirt and a tutu!

I cannot claim this photo of Mr. and Miss Hornet.  Ms. Norman captured it as she was really close!

Friday night finally got a pic with Miss Hornet!!!You can also see the front of the Homecoming Shirt!

Royal Court walking out to the game!  I got to be their keeper Friday night!

Challenge Yourself!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Progressive Era

America has incredible growth in the 1890s due to industrialization!  It brought tremendous change to America.  Quickly reformers  began to analyze and look at the social problems caused by big business and industrialization.  Some of those problems include immigration, suffrage, political reform, and growth of urban cities.

That is just a small list of social problems and injustices that were tackled.   The Progressives picked up right where the Populists left off!!!!  The Populists were seen as a failure, but the Progressives were seen as a success, but the question becomes how effective were they?  They had presidential support from Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson.  They also got 4 Constitutional Amendments (16th - 20th)

Here are 2 issues that were tackled!

The Progressives took on Suffrage for Women, and got the 19th Amendment passed giving all Women the right to vote!  It amazes me it took over 140 years before women to get this right!  When I hear women say they did not have time to vote - I am mind boggled!  Women were starved, beaten imprisoned, and tortured to get the right to vote!  The amazing part about this era is the fact that we are benefiting today from their hard work!  A great movie about the fight is Iron Clawed Angels.

The other is Ida B. Wells

Below is an amazing documentary about her life!  She was a mover and a shaker.  Ida B. Wells was  a crusader for African American Rights!  She tackled lynching, and put a national spotlight on the issue!  I believe the documentary below explains it all - so I will let it speak for itself.  One thing that I became present to was I want to eat dinner with her!  She seems amazing!

Friday, October 14, 2016

APUSH Exam Review

Due on Tuesday is the Adam Norris Fill In The Blank Guides for Period 3.  Below is a link to his website  The videos are under the tab "New APUSH Curriculum".  There are 3 videos!

Adam Norris Period 3 Videos

My favorite Review book!  You can only get online!

The next best one to get, but they are all good! You can get this one at a book store!!!

A student from last year who made a 5 told me these were extremely helpful!

A student from last year stopped me in the hall on Thursday, and asked me how APUSH was going?  I said GREAT!  She made a 5 on the test, and then began to offer advice.  This worked for her.  Maybe it will work for you!  She said it was helpful to get a prep book early on and read it along with the book.  She also got flash cards, and used them!!!  Hope these strategies work for you!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Congrats Mr. and Miss Hornet 2016!

Congrats Karl and Claire!!!!  I am so happy!  Congrats to the whole court - love you all!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


If you feel that ordinary working people should have the strongest political voice, you can say you believe in populism.
In politics, the term populism can have different meanings depending on who is using it and what their political goals are. At its root, populism is a belief in the power of regular people, and in their right to have control over their government rather than a small group of political insiders or a wealthy elite. The word populism comes from the Latin word for "people,"populus.
This is a definition from  The populist movement was a big moment in American History.  This was the late 19th Century during the Gilded Age.  This was a time of corruption, and many felt oppressed financially.  To help see this - here is a video about the politics of the Gilded Age and why it was so corrupt.

One group that was furious were the farmers.  They felt unheard politically and financially!  At this time the railroads controlled everything, and the farmers found them unfair.  The biggest thing was freight prices.  It cost an arm and a leg to ship product to American Markets.  

The Populist had a long list of what they wanted to happen.  They wanted better representation politically, graduated income tax, currency, and government ownership of railroads and communication lines.  They felt like if the government controlled these industries it would be fairer.

To get any kind of progress this Populist movement had to get political!  It will become political, and a huge supporter will be Frank L Baum.  That name might sound familiar because he wrote a famous book that was a political allegory of the Populist movement!  The Wizard of OZ!

Everything in this story symbolizes and represents aspects of this movement.  Here are some of the thing represented in the Wizard of OZ:

Dorthy represents Mary Elizabeth Lease - A mover and shaker in the  Populist Movement
Yellow Brick Road represents the danger of the Gold Standard
Silver Slippers (Ruby Silvers) represent silver coinage will save us
OZ represents ounce referring to gold and silver
Scarecrow represent the Western wise but naive farmer
Tin Man represents the dehumanized industrial worker
Cowardly Lion represents William Jennings Bryan - history does not remember him fondly
Wizard represents Gilded Age presidents

There are more symbols of the Populist Movement, but those are the big ones.  Everything represents something!  William Jennings Bryan put a huge spotlight on the movement when he gave his Cross of Gold Speech.  Where he discusses the danger of the Gold Standard.

Sadly the Populist Movement did not accomplish many of their goals, but the Progressives will pick up many of their goals, and be successful!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

First Debate on Monday the 26th

The first Presidential Debate is Monday Night (26th)!  I cannot wait to see these two go head to head!  They are so polar opposite - you know it must be exciting!

I will offer extra credit to any student who watches the debate, and complete two tasks!  While you watch the debate:
1. Write down the topics of the debate, and explain how each candidate feels about that topic.
2. Write about the most shocking or surprising moment of the debate, and explain why?


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Saints and Strangers

This is the coolest interactive game that can help bring Plymouth alive!  This is an interactive game created by National Geographic.  It has also been turned into a mini series!  In the game you are a colonist trying to survive Plymouth!  Check it out!

Monday, September 19, 2016

APUSH - Slavery

This weekend I saw a great mini documentary - TED Talk about the Atlantic Slave Trade.  It gives a great description, and describes the impact of the Atlantic Slave Trade.  It provided great insight, and I hope all of my students got something from it!  Here it is again in case you missed it!

Collegr Board wants you to know the evolution of slavery in the New World. Here is US Crash Course!  Great Review!!!

Here are two great movies that show the terror and horror of slavery!

Friday, September 16, 2016

What is the Enlightenment?

My goal as a teacher is to have my students think for themselves!  So the first week we read "What is an Enlightenment?" by Kant.  I will admit it is a hard read, but we tackled it with AP strategies, and discussed it!  The main point of his essay is tto think for yourself, and do not let others think for you!  That is why I had them read this!  I want them to think for themselves!  After we read and discussed the essay they made mini posters of what the Enlightenment means to them!  They were so good!  Here are a few of my favorite!

It was the Age of Enlightenment, and Kant and others were fighting for us!  He said he will never experience Enlightenment, but he is willing to die for others to experience the Enlightenment!  That is amazing!!!!  The  ideals of the Enlightenment inspired America!  Here is the Essay we read:

I believe this scene represents the Enlightenment.  You can know everything, but you have to experience life!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Flash Card Idea for APUSH

This is a GREAT study idea for APUSH!  One thing I hear over and over is if you want to be successful on this test you MUST know vocabulary!   All of my students told  me last year that knowing the vocabulary was so helpful!!!!  So this year I am having my APUSH students complete flashcards for each chapter.  On that card they are creating a pictograph.  Explaining the definition, significance, and drawing a picture representing that term!

One great thing is that they can keep theses and review them throughout the year.  To keep them handy they could hole punch a corner, and put them on a ring!