Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Holidays!

I'm about to leave for Taiwan, but I wanted to say Happy Holidays!  And hope everyone has a GREAT break!

APUSH - Read and summarize Chapters 20,21, and 22.  Due January 6th.
Oklahoma History - Finish all 18 TTCU Modules by January 3rd!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Attention Government and Oklahoma History Students:

Return your textbook on the day of your final!  Or you'll get a hold card!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Amending the Constitution

A little while ago in my US Government classes we covered Amendments to our Constitution.  I always think this is one reason why our government has lasted so long!  Our Founding Fathers have made it possible to change the constitution and change and adapt with the times.  The constitution explains the process in Article 5.  It is a long process to change the Constitution.  It takes years, but it should!  We really need to make sure the amendment is needed!
There are so many different amendments.  I always ask the students which one is the most important?  I always get the same response!  The 1st Amendment - Freedom of Speech!  Then I had them write an amendment.  I asked them to think about what does this country need?  Here are the topics they came up with:
  • Congress Term Limit
  • Balanced Budget
  • Treating Disabled Equally (Made me Smile)
  • Get rid of discrimination
  • Gay marrisage to be legal

Monday, December 9, 2013

Another Snow Day!

Can you believe it?  We get another Snow Day!  I can't!  But I just want to encourage you to be taking advantage of this time.  We are at the end of the semester, and Finals are next week!  I hope everyone is studying and working! 

A note to the parents - all of my students have been given their study guide for the final!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Another Snow Day!

We get another SNOW day!  I hope you guys take advantage of it and study!  Now is the time to work hard, and then enjoy Winter Break!  So do what you need to do to prepare for Finals!  You'll be so glad you did!

I'm taking advantage of these snow days!  I am getting so much grading done!  Hopefully by tomorrow I will be all caught up! 

Hope to see you guys soon!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Day 2013

I hope everyone is enjoying their snow day and staying safe!  Don't forget to use the weekend's time wisely!  Finals Week is coming up soon - all of my classes have been given their study guide for the final! 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sorry for last week!

I apologize for last week, and not posting!  I am the Junior Class Sponsor and Key Club Sponsor.  This week was very intense!  Hopefully this week I will get back on track!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Grade Update!

Sorry I did not get the Blog updated this weekend.  By tonight it should be!  This weekend I got 95% of the work graded!  I decided that is more important - hopefully in 2 days the grades should be completely updated!

Thank you for your patience!

Ms. Haughey

Friday, September 20, 2013

Inequality For All

There is a fantastic new documentary coming out soon about the unequal distribution of wealth in this country.  This looks great, and the trailer says it all. 

I cannot wait to see this because I think it will be eye opening and insightful!  Here is the trailer:

Sunday, September 8, 2013

No More

This is perfect!  I always say racism will go away when it is not taught at home.  I truly believe it is our responsibility to teach love and tolerance in our homes!

This last week we looked at Empathy.  I want my students to have historical empathy.  If they don't love history that is fine, but you have to respect it!  It has taken a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get where we are today.  I want my students to understand historical people and events.

So we looked at historical empathy through the Civil Rights Movement and the Children's Crusade.  I wanted them to get it, really get it.  So my students read an article describing the world of Jim Crow South.  They were shocked!  Most students did not know how bad it really was!  So when I showed them this documentary they got it on a much deeper level:

Not the documentary we watched.  I couldn't find it, but this was just has good.
Again the whole point was Empathy, and I asked them could they do this?  Could they imagine themselves doing it?  Some did say yes, but most said no.  I include myself in the no.  I really don't think I could.  Knowing about the dogs and hoses.  It makes me think what issue is so important to me that I would put my life in danger?  I really don't know.
Hoses turned on Children during the Children's Crusade.  The water pressure was so strong it would rip the clothes from your body and cut your skin!
The Children's Crusade was a success.  Many people we're hesitant because they didn't want to put the children of Birmingham in danger.  But it woke the nation up to the cruelty of segregation.  Bolstered by the courage of the Children JFK  took on the cause. 
We ended with this poem/song.  What many said to me is if we did not read the article about segregation, watch the documentary, and have our discussions they would not get this poem on the level they did get it.  It meant so much more!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Internet Finally Working!

This summer I've had the worst trouble with my computer and internet!  I hope it is solved now, but I should be back on schedule!  Thank you for being patient with me!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Another great site to check out for APUSH Review is  Here is the direct link:
Remember you must review and study outside the classroom if you intend to pass the APUSH Exam in May!  This website will help you in many ways.  Here is a list of things they provide:
1. Description about the test:  This is great because knowing all you can about the actual test itself will help.  They are looking for specific things, and understanding how the test works will help you!
2. Documents: They provide a list of documents from US History.  I encourage you to read this, and understand them because you will see them on the Exam.  We will also read documents in class, but knowing extra will always help!  And if you can refer to them - even better!
3. APUSH Notecards: They have a notecard over every topic in US History.  It would be great if you could print these off, and then you would have your own review flashcards!
4. U.S. History Outlines: They have an outline over every major period in APUSH.  This would be great to review and make sure you know all the major topics in the outline.
5. And Much More:  They have more - the above just higout now!
hlights the big things.  Go check it now!
Do not feel like this!  Prevent it by being prepared!  Study and Review all year!

If you want to pass the APUSH Exam in May you have to study and work outside the classroom!  A great website to check out is!  It is amazing all that she has on there!  As a teacher I don't know how she created this amazing website and taught!  But I'm so glad she did, and shares her great wealth of knowledge!  It is worth your time to check it out!  I just spent 30 minutes myself clicking on everything!
She has a lot of history courses on there so make sure you click on AHAP (American History AP).  Here is the link directly there:
Here is what is great about this page:
1. AP Review Quizzes:  She has a few quizzes for every major time period A great way to test your knowledge!
2. APUSH DBQs:  She has a link to APUSH DBQs from the 1700s to modern times.  It is great she has the question and a finished essay for you to see.
3, APUSH Links:  She has a lot of links to sites about US History.  This would be a great way to acquire outside knowledge.  When you write those essays on the Exam - they will be looking at how much outside knowledge you included.
4. APUSH PowerPoints:  On the main page she has a link called "PowerPoint Palooza".  On there she has a lot of PowerPoint's about US History.  That could be helpful to review!
Go check it out!  So helpful!

To be successful on the AP Exam - you must study and review outside of the classroom!  If you just come to class and listen in class that is not enough!  You must work outside of the classroom!  Here is a great website that will help you prepare for the Exam in May -
Once you get there = you must find AP US History.  They have many subjects they offer help in - so just in case here is the link to the History page:
On there they have every topic imagined from Colonial History to Modern History.  What is great is they have a video that is just a brief overview, but the text is also included.  So if you need to review anything - this is a great place to start!

TED Talk

This is a fascinating video about how things came to be in the world!  I loved his approach on complexity, and he takes us on a journey to when the first stars appeared in the universe to humans linking up globally.  Sit down and watch - you'll be glad you did!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Computer issues!

Hello Everyone!  Sorry for my long absence!  My computer and Internet stopped working! was frustrating!  I'm glad it was able to be fixed, and it did not happen during the school year!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Going Out of Town

Today I'm leaving for my Grandparent's house!  I'm so excited, and thought ironic since I just did that post about my grandparents!  I just wanted to let you guys know because I don't know if I'll be able to post while there.  See you Tuesday!

Monday, June 10, 2013

TED Talk

Tony Robbins is an inspiring guy who can move mountains when people are at their lowest.  He gets in there, and knows where to look.  Here is his TED Talk entitled "Why we do what we do."  Tony goes deep and looks at how we make the invisible visible.  How do we achieve and fulfill?  It is a great talk that I encourage you to watch!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Today is a Great day to make this post about Honor Flight on the 69th anniversary of D - day!  I have had GREAT privilege of participating in Honor Flight three times!  I hope I get to participate every semester!  Honor Flight is a great organization that takes WWII Vets to Washington D.C. to see the WWII Memorial free of charge!  Such a worthy cause!  When I first heard about Honor Flight I cried because all I could think is how wonderful!  No one deserves it more!  Here is a great video about Honor Flight and their significance!

BTW has participated by writing "Thank You" letters.  Each Vet gets a few on the plane ride, and I heard from Honor Flight that BTW writes the best letters!  That made my heart smile!  That is my requirement to the students is to be heartfelt!  These men have been through the worse and they deserve a worthy "Thank You."  To get them in the right mood I play this song.  It is a true story of one family darning WWII:

The letters are always amazing!  The Best part of Honor Flight is going to the airport to welcome the Vets home!  It is the most patriotic feeling I have ever had!  To see those men come home is such an exciting feeling!  They are now old men, but when I see them I always think what did they look like when they were in the War?  Then they are always so humble, and so grateful!  I shook one of their hands, and he thanked me!  I wanted to say no thank you!  I couldn't believe they were thanking me!  Here are some pics from the last Honor Flight in Tulsa:
Sons of the American Revolution were there dressed up!  Had to get my photo with them!
Me and Mrs. Moffitt about to welcome the Vets home!
Everyone there to welcome the Vets home!
They had a band there to play patriotic music!
Last night I met a WWII Vet at Walgreens.  I took the opportunity to Thank him!  He also told me he was 95.  I asked what the secret was to living a long life?  He said to enjoy life!  I thought that was a great response!  So if you ever get a chance to tell a veteran thank you - please do!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

TED Talk

Here is the next TED Talk!  I just saw this one a little while ago, and it was enlightening.  It is all about food and the power of what you put in your body.  He also talks about schools and what they provide in their cafeterias.  I have always had a problem with my weight.  I love food!  I could never get a grip, and it took me getting a disease to get a grip.  Don't let it get bad before you can get a grip.  The one thing that we can control is the food we put in our body!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Paris in the Springtime

I finally can upload pictures from my Paris trip in March.  I had the BEST time.  The way I'm describing it is MAGICAL.  I really can't believe I went to Paris again!  This was my 11th time, but I seriously thought I would never go back after getting sick.

I will be honest there were some concerns about going.  Could I do it?  Could I keep up?  You walk everywhere!  Those were just some of the thoughts going through my head!  I'm happy to report I could do it!  And I kept up with everyone!  One of the things that I was most proud of was walking all the way to the top of Notre Dame de Paris.  There are no elevators - it was just a winding staircase that went on forever.  But when I got to the top it was such a great feeling!  A feeling of true accomplishment!

I have to tell you why I got the amazing opportunity to go.  It is not a good reason.  When I was in the hospital I was so sick!  I almost died twice in the hospital.  My mom says she was desperate.  I cannot imagine what my family was going through!  So in a moment of desperation she said to me in the hospital that if I survive this she will take me to Paris!  Well that promise became a reality!  Just so you can get an idea of how sick I was here is a picture of me when I was at my worst!

Summer of 2011 - I was unable to stand, walk, or move my body!
That picture always freaks me out!  But I want you guys to see the stark difference of then and now!  I took over 800 pictures, but here are some of my favorite that I took!

My favorite picture taken - moment of triumph!
This is what I ate for dessert every time!  Sorbet!  I'm eating very healthy for my MS!
This was the view from the street where we stayed!  It was perfect!  That is Notre Dame in the background!  I can't believe I walked to the top!
When we arrived it was snowing!  I've never seen Paris in the snow!  We were walking down the street, and turned the corner and this is what we saw!  I had to stop and take a photo of people ice skating in Paris!
This is so Paris - had to take a photo!
This stopped us in our track!  They were selling this!  And apparently this is very chic in Paris - American University sweatshirts!
The history teacher in me never leaves!  One morning we went to the French Revolution Prison Museum!  This was actually a blade they used during the revolution!
Saint-Chapelle.  All the french kings worshipped here!
Musee D'Orsay.  The impressionist museum in an old train station.
In this beautiful restaurant in the Musee D'Orsay with our waiter!
Me and my Mom.  I love this woman!
The second week we went to Nice, and this was the apartment we stayed in!  I looked at my Mom and said I don't have to go anywhere - the apartment was enough!  I loved it!
This was the sign above the door of my favorite restaurant in Nice!
I had scallops for almost every meal in Nice - they were so good!
I'm most proud of this photo! 
Best sorbet - lemon sorbet served in a frozen hollowed out lemon!
The Mediterranean - spent a lot of time at the beach
Cutest little girl making a crepe in Nice!
At the top of Notre Dame!

Monday, May 27, 2013

TED Talk

I love!  They provide great lectures on every topic.  When you go to the site you can search a topic you would like to see.  They are so fascinating, and they always leave me wondering and thinking.  That is the best part they make you think and reanalyze things!  So every week I am going to post a TED Talk! 
The first one is on the topic of education.  Now this is right down my alley.  A couple of months ago every teacher was talking about this TED Talk - so I finally said I have to watch it!  And it was brilliant!  I also heard it is one of the most poplar TED Talks with the most views. I won't say anything about the Talk.  I'll let it speak for itself.  The only thing I will say is the speaker is so funny!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Tonight is BTW;s Graduation.  This is one of my favorite events of the year because this is what we work for all year.  As a teacher it is so exciting because you get to see the students you have worked with for four years walk across the stage and graduate!
This is the reason why students work so hard.  This moment makes it all worth it!  When you write that 5 page paper or pull an all nighter studying for a test.  This is the moment you need to imagine when things get tough.  It is worth it!  Making GOOD grades and putting in the hard work get you to this moment.
If you can make it tonight you should!  This will be you before you know it!  High School goes by so fast!  Enjoy every moment!  It's at ORU Maybee Center at 8.
I love this tradition at BTW!  When the ceremony is over the teachers line the way and the students walk through us, and we get to cheer them on and hug them!  I love it!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MLK Poem

I had a student read this poem to me, and I had goose bumps!  It was so good, and then she told me she wrote it!!!  I love this girl and poem - Enjoy!

Our world was destroyed by the acts of segregation, All we needed was one demonstration, One consisting of a black man and a white man together, Even though our country may tether.
I can see a day when my dream becomes real, Where we could show them that we can heal.
The color of your skin does not define who you are, Black, white, red, or blue, you can go far.
Once they finally see that color doesn't matter, Maybe we can climb that ladder, Separating the future from the past, Together we can make this change last, And learn to love one another, Showing respect and dignity to each other, The change will be hard, But together we can remove our guard.
To see the beauty of all.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

See the World!

I saw this quote, and knew it had to be a post!  I am very blessed to have left the country 11 times, and visited 8 countries!  I first went to Europe when I was 16, and I got the travel bug!  I am always looking for a way to Travel - to see the world!  And what is amazing opportunities present themselves! 
I think the best part of travel is you get to see how other people live, and you realize how BIG the world truly is.  For me I realized the world is bigger than Tulsa, Oklahoma!  Even to this day I find myself wondering what people are doing in England, France, and China!
So if you ever get the chance to see the world - Go!  Run!  It will change your life and you will want to go back, and see new places! 
You get to try new foods!