Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Liberty In North Korea (LINK)

On April 16th Liberty In North Korea did a presentation at BTW for my US Government students.  They came last year, and it was inspiring.  So when I had the opportunity to bring them again this year - I jumped at the opportunity.  Their purpose is this in a nutshell:  Put the focus back on the people.  Most Americans when you say North Korea we think about them wanting to Nuke America.  But LINK reminds us that there are 24 million people living under an oppressive government.  That is who they are trying to help. 

The stories will shock you about the living conditions in North Korea.  Ultimately my hope for my students are to appreciate the life we have in America!  There is a lot wrong with this country.  We all know that - we all could go around and say something that is wrong with America.  But there is a lot right, and when you compare America to other countries it is amazing!  Boy we live in a great country, where we are fee and have rights!

Last year in the video they showed us, a man was speaking about why he escaped North Korea.  He was blacked out, and his voice changed.  Because he had family still in North Korea and if he was found out they would be punished.  In North Korea if you do something illegal they punish not just you, but three generations.  Isn't that unbelievable?  But this guy said he escaped because he wanted to live life as a human being.  Because in North Korea you are not a human being.  When he said that it broke me heart!

This is what LINK wants to do - make a shift in people's thoughts about North Korea.  They are also lobbying the media to report about the people!

This is the documentary we saw!


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