Sunday, April 14, 2013

Food Bank

On Saturday April 6th 11 of my students and myself went to volunteer at the NE Oklahoma Food Bank right behind Carver Middle School.  It was the most amazing experience!  I want to go back on my own, and I heard students say that which is great because they got it.  I really want my students to give back to their community, and fall in love with the process!

We were there from 1 to 4 and made "Backpacks for Kids."  Which was just a plastic bag filled with 12 food items.  It was things like apple juice, milk, can of chili, sunflower seeds, corn nuts, and etc.  We made an assembly line and assembled the bags.  It went pretty fast.  That is all we did, and they needed a lot.  Eight went into a box, and we put 24 boxes on a palette.  We made six palletes.  So that is 1,152 "Backpacks for Kids."

What is sad is that is not enough.  They give away 7,000  of them each WEEK to TPS students.  I can not imagine!  After volunteering there I was so grateful that I get to go to the grocery store every week and buy food.  It is something to be so thankful for, and I think most people forget what a gift it is.

I talked to a Mom whose children get a "Backpack" every week, and she said they depend on them!  They don't make enough money to get all the groceries they need, and this program hold them over.  How wonderful there are organizations like this that help out.  That is what I believe now - I want a compassionate and caring government. 

So if you ever have a free morning or afternoon go to the Food Bank.  You won't regret it!

This really gets the point across.  This breaks my heart every time - we live in the greatest country in the world!  No one should be starving!
A completed "Backpack" before it was tied off and put in the box
The Assembly Line putting the bags together
Assembly Line
The box they go into - 8.
I could not get the picture to go right side up.  I tried so many times, but finally gave up.  I wanted you to see this.  This is one corner of their warehouse!  It is 13,000 SqFt, and full of food!

My classes collected over 100 can foods.  We brought it as a donation.
Everyone who came at the end

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