Thursday, July 4, 2013

Another great site to check out for APUSH Review is  Here is the direct link:
Remember you must review and study outside the classroom if you intend to pass the APUSH Exam in May!  This website will help you in many ways.  Here is a list of things they provide:
1. Description about the test:  This is great because knowing all you can about the actual test itself will help.  They are looking for specific things, and understanding how the test works will help you!
2. Documents: They provide a list of documents from US History.  I encourage you to read this, and understand them because you will see them on the Exam.  We will also read documents in class, but knowing extra will always help!  And if you can refer to them - even better!
3. APUSH Notecards: They have a notecard over every topic in US History.  It would be great if you could print these off, and then you would have your own review flashcards!
4. U.S. History Outlines: They have an outline over every major period in APUSH.  This would be great to review and make sure you know all the major topics in the outline.
5. And Much More:  They have more - the above just higout now!
hlights the big things.  Go check it now!
Do not feel like this!  Prevent it by being prepared!  Study and Review all year!

If you want to pass the APUSH Exam in May you have to study and work outside the classroom!  A great website to check out is!  It is amazing all that she has on there!  As a teacher I don't know how she created this amazing website and taught!  But I'm so glad she did, and shares her great wealth of knowledge!  It is worth your time to check it out!  I just spent 30 minutes myself clicking on everything!
She has a lot of history courses on there so make sure you click on AHAP (American History AP).  Here is the link directly there:
Here is what is great about this page:
1. AP Review Quizzes:  She has a few quizzes for every major time period A great way to test your knowledge!
2. APUSH DBQs:  She has a link to APUSH DBQs from the 1700s to modern times.  It is great she has the question and a finished essay for you to see.
3, APUSH Links:  She has a lot of links to sites about US History.  This would be a great way to acquire outside knowledge.  When you write those essays on the Exam - they will be looking at how much outside knowledge you included.
4. APUSH PowerPoints:  On the main page she has a link called "PowerPoint Palooza".  On there she has a lot of PowerPoint's about US History.  That could be helpful to review!
Go check it out!  So helpful!

To be successful on the AP Exam - you must study and review outside of the classroom!  If you just come to class and listen in class that is not enough!  You must work outside of the classroom!  Here is a great website that will help you prepare for the Exam in May -
Once you get there = you must find AP US History.  They have many subjects they offer help in - so just in case here is the link to the History page:
On there they have every topic imagined from Colonial History to Modern History.  What is great is they have a video that is just a brief overview, but the text is also included.  So if you need to review anything - this is a great place to start!

TED Talk

This is a fascinating video about how things came to be in the world!  I loved his approach on complexity, and he takes us on a journey to when the first stars appeared in the universe to humans linking up globally.  Sit down and watch - you'll be glad you did!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Computer issues!

Hello Everyone!  Sorry for my long absence!  My computer and Internet stopped working! was frustrating!  I'm glad it was able to be fixed, and it did not happen during the school year!