Sunday, May 5, 2013

See the World!

I saw this quote, and knew it had to be a post!  I am very blessed to have left the country 11 times, and visited 8 countries!  I first went to Europe when I was 16, and I got the travel bug!  I am always looking for a way to Travel - to see the world!  And what is amazing opportunities present themselves! 
I think the best part of travel is you get to see how other people live, and you realize how BIG the world truly is.  For me I realized the world is bigger than Tulsa, Oklahoma!  Even to this day I find myself wondering what people are doing in England, France, and China!
So if you ever get the chance to see the world - Go!  Run!  It will change your life and you will want to go back, and see new places! 
You get to try new foods!

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