Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MLK Poem

I had a student read this poem to me, and I had goose bumps!  It was so good, and then she told me she wrote it!!!  I love this girl and poem - Enjoy!

Our world was destroyed by the acts of segregation, All we needed was one demonstration, One consisting of a black man and a white man together, Even though our country may tether.
I can see a day when my dream becomes real, Where we could show them that we can heal.
The color of your skin does not define who you are, Black, white, red, or blue, you can go far.
Once they finally see that color doesn't matter, Maybe we can climb that ladder, Separating the future from the past, Together we can make this change last, And learn to love one another, Showing respect and dignity to each other, The change will be hard, But together we can remove our guard.
To see the beauty of all.

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