Friday, July 1, 2016

No Complaining

One quality every powerful, successful  and rich person says you should have is no complaining!  Everyone has it hard, and is going through a battle!  Life is hard for EVERYONE!  No is exempt!   Do not complain - do something about it!  I truly believe this is where  life happens!  I love the Last Lecture speech, and notice what he says about complaining and Jackie Robinson.  It was  written in Robinson's contract to not COMPLAIN when someone spits on him!  Wow!  

I feel like I am speaking to myself too!  I sometimes complain, and I need to remember this!  I have to suck it up!  There is always a solution!  A few weeks ago I asked my Facebook friends what high school students need to know before they graduate?  I was amazed at the response!  Over 40 people commented with great pieces of advice!  I am going to do a post about that, but one friend said something about this topic!

She said to learn to suck it up, and be able to adapt!  Life is going to throw you curve balls, but life is about how you react to the.  Complaining does nothing!

The link above is Gary Vee explaining why he finds complaining unattractive! My Mom introduced me to him this summer, and I heard him discuss this.  It actually inspired this post!  He is  an extremely successful businessman who has made millions.  I believe his point of view is valid, and should be listened to.  He has made it, and we can learn from him!

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