Monday, June 8, 2015

Structure of the New Exam

I am so honored that I get to be your APUSH Teacher!  I want nothing more than for you to pass the Exam in May!  I have worked hard all summer to prepare you for the Exam!  Everything we do in class is to help prepare you!  The first thing you need to know is the actual test!  Don't be surprised! 
In Fall of 2014 College Board completely restructured their course.  College Board knows and understand that your phone holds all the answers.  So they want you to be able to analyze and talk about US History!  If you cannot discuss these historical events you are in trouble!  College Board wants you to think like a Historian!  The Thinking Skills are important!
The Exam is 3 Hours and 15 Minutes.  There are two sections, and here is how it breaks down:
Section 1
Part A: Multiple Choice Questions/55 questions/55 minutes
Each Multiple Choice question is going to be a stimuli question.  Where you will be given a quote, chart, map, or image to help you answer the questions.
Part B; Short Answer Questions/4 questions/45 minutes
You do not have to write a Thesis, but you do have to write in complete sentences.  You will have limited space, and there will be 3 parts to answer.
Section 2
Part A: Document Based Question/1 Question/60 minutes
We will go over how to write this, and there is a specific rubric to follow.  They call it a Core Rubric.
Part B; Long Essay Question/1Question (You will choose from a pair)/35 minutes
Same as DBQ
Many were nervous about these new changes, but I think it is wonderful!  Before College Board would say know everything about US History.  Now it is more specific, and point blank.  You get to know specifically what you need to know!  I find that comforting!

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