Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What I Wish I Would've Known

This is my 1st Birthday, and today is my 33rd Birthday!  Where does time go?
I saw this, and wanted to post this today!  On my birthday this is a FUN thing to think about.  If I only had two words I would tell myself No Regrets!  I only have one regret in my life - I didn't study abroad!  I was terrified of the idea, but now I kick myself!  So to you I will say Don't Be Afraid!  Don't let fear stop you! 
That is another thing I would tell myself - Don't Worry!  There are things that I would worry about when I was younger, and it has all worked out!  You have to trust the process!  Also know things don't work out on your time - so be patient!
Finally I would tell myself continue being happy, positive, and compassionate!  These qualities have taken me far in life! 

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