Friday, June 5, 2015

Keep Calm and Carry On

This historical quote needs explanation.  Yesterday I was out shopping with my sister, and we saw this on a shirt.  She just casually said who created that?  So I answered her - Winston Churchill.  She did not believe me.  And she said really like 5 times.  She had never heard the story behind this quote, and said I need to tell the story on my blog.  So here I go!
During WW2 Hitler wanted England, but it was very hard to get.  In 1941 the Nazis started the London Blitz where every night they bombed London.  This continued for a while.  It got so bad the people of London began sleeping in the subway, and sent their children to Northern England
This is one of my favorite London Blitz scenes from a movie, and you see Londoners sending their kids away
So people were nervous!  Nervous the Nazis would get them!  They had the right to be nervous - Hitler had taken France, Belgium, and Austria.  To calm people's fears Winston Churchill, prime minister of England, created the slogan Keep Calm and Carry On.  It told the citizens of England if the Nazis do take over don't freak out!  Go about your normal routine!  Luckily the Nazis never got them, but they were prepared if it did happen.

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