Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I love this question!  Maybe I am unrealistic, but I would hope it means that we all have our freedoms, and get a fair shot no matter our race, gender, or age!  As a country we do not like to admit it, but some of us lucky few get born on "third base!"  I am not one of those lucky few, but I was born to a good family who told me all the time anything is possible!
Sadly there are people who do not get a fair shot!  The odds are already stacked against them, and that makes me sad!  I wish there was more equality in this world!
One word that always comes to mind when talking about Equality is Freedom.  Recently I saw this trailer again for the 100th time, and it got be thinking.
At the end of the trailer Mandela says Freedom is an idea he is prepared to die for!  I sometimes think that word, freedom, is overlooked by Americans.  We take that word for granted!  Then I am watch America:The Story of Us.  They were discussing the American Revolution, and how General Washington inspired the Patriots.  He told them America and our freedoms are an idea you have to be willing to die for!  It is a sacrifice! 
What does Equality mean to you?

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